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TP+ SA Events are proud to bring you KZN’s first team cycle challenge for a 2nd year in a row over a 160km in the beautiful setting of the Harburg KZN Midlands. The event, sanctioned by CSA will take place on the 14th August from the Harburg Retreat Centre starting at 8am in the morning (home to previous KZN Cycling Champs Events)

The concept is clear. Present a cycle challenge relay in KZN that is set to compete alongside the other existing team relay events that are hosted around South Africa. The Team Relay will comprise teams of 10 members each and will be limited to a very select field of a maximum of 100 teams only.

The categories will include Male/Female/Mixed as the teams compete for the top spots on the podium. While of the field will be eager to have some fun over the 160km cycle challenge, we have introduced 2 additional events – a 4 man team event over 90km and a 2 man team event over 45km. This will ensure all levels of fitness are catered for.

The route will feature a circular route of 22.2km per lap with teams completing this multiple times to make up the total distance of 45km (2 laps) 90km (4 laps) 160km (7 laps). The reasons for the loop course is one of safety – which at any event is first and foremost the priority – keeping the entrants and cyclists as safe as possible while they are out on the roads. The 2nd advantage is the fact that teams can then bring their own support crews who can then second and support them on each of the laps they complete. Cycle events in general can be pretty boring for the support crew and spectators. By keeping the route to a compact distance of 22.2km (the roads are good quality and very easy to navigate) we will ensure that spectators are kept entertained and engaged as they support and cheer their teams on after the completion of each lap

There will be a host of entertainment laid out for the support crew and cyclists at the Harburg Retreat with plenty on offer to eat and drink while the cyclists complete their epic cycle challenge. We have also set the distance at a very manageable distances of 45km – 90km and of course the BIG ONE – THE 160km which is far enough to lay claim to that of an endurance event but also not too far for the newbies and less fit who want to try something different

This event is going to grow from strength to strength. Triathlon Plus SA events have hosted numerous events around the country and this is their first foray into the sport of cycling.


1. 45km/90km/160km Team Cycle Challenge (time trial format)

2. 14th AUGUST out at Harburg (near Wartburg – 1h30 mins drive from Umhlanga) and 30 mins from PMB

3. 10 member teams for the 160 (does not have to be 10 – can be less but a minimum of 5 must cross the line to register a team finish) – 4 man teams for the 90 and 2 man teams for the 45

4. All bikes will be allowed – TT – road – mtb and gravel – your team can have a mix and match of bikes – this affords those cyclists who own TT bikes to actually use them for a change

5. The format is multiple loops of +-22km making up race distances. The route is undulating (250m elevation odd per loop of elevation)

6. Spectator and Back-up/Service Assistant friendly as you pass the needs/start/finish area multiple times

7. We allow subs at this race – only 5 of your team have to complete the full race distance – the other 5 teammates can do as much or as little as they so wish – they can help the team by riding out front for a lap or two and then resting – then rejoin later or for the less fit who want to be part of the team but are not fit enough for 160km – ALL team members get the finishers medals

8. Tactics and Fun very much the order of the day at this event

9. Food and refreshments will be available at the Harburg Retreat Centre (Race HQ) so supporters like family and team mates will not be left on their own in the sticks

10. We will only start at 8amam so those living/staying in DBN and other far out areas can travel up on race morning and cut down their costs of having to miss work or look for accommodation

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